Industrial Radiation

This is a broad category that covers all industrial applications of radiation - sterilization, food irradiation, industrial radiography, etc. It also covers human exposures from industrial radiation sources.

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  HPS FAQ   Food Irradiation

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  •  Food Irradiation
  •  Industrial Applications
  •  Industrial Exposures
  •  Industrial Radiography
  •  Miscellaneous
Food Irradiation
Q7989   –   Can radioactive material contaminate irradiated food?
Industrial Applications
Q4004   –   Sterilization of medical instruments
Q4263   –   Americium-241 uses and concerns
Q4406   –   Neutron moisture gauging survey instruments
Q4427   –   Dual-energy tomography
Q7167   –   Design of cobalt-60 exposure room
Q11028   –   Scatter radiation
Q12585   –   Hair inside gamma-sterilized, sealed package
Industrial Exposures
Q11618   –   X-ray fluorescence analyzer radiation exposure
Q12187   –   Depleted uranium risks from the Stafford, England, munitions factory fire
Q12847   –   X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer exposure to my fingers
Q13171   –   Requirements for using an x-ray materials analyzer
Industrial Radiography
Q8583   –   Safe distance from a radiography site
Q10901   –   Skin damage from radiography sources
Q12646   –   Skyshine—radiation scattered in air from an open-topped shield bunker
Q12958   –   For radiography, should a prime contractor have a radiation safety officer for oversight of a subcontractor?
Q13280   –   Safety measures for electron beam facilities

Other Useful Websites

The following websites may also be useful regarding food irradiation:

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  External website   Food Irradiation – World Health Organization
  External website   Food Safety and Irradiation – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention