Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Disposal

This category covers all your nuclear waste disposal and decommissioning questions, including decommissioning of equipment and nuclear sites, release criteria and associated guidance; radioactive waste disposal of all types - low level waste, high level waste, mixed waste, etc.

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  •  Disposal
  •  Low Level Waste
  •  US High Level Waste Issues (Yucca Mountain)
  •  Mixed Waste
  •  Decommissioning
  •  Miscellaneous
Q6532   –   Characterization methods for radioactive waste
Q7193   –   Air sampling in rad waste area
Q8231   –   Monitoring for alpha emitters
Q8516   –   Disposal of lead lining
Q9858   –   Disposal of iodine-125 via decay in storage
Q9860   –   Disposal of strontium-85/strontium-82 Generator Waste
Q10119   –   Cremation and I-125 prostate implant seeds
Q14047   –   Distance between reactor entombment site and surrounding populations
Q14104   –   Disposal of residential GAC radon filter
Q14117   –   Disposal of historical artifacts containing radium-226
Low Level Waste
Q10391   –   Siting criteria for an LLW disposal facility
US High Level Waste Issues (Yucca Mountain)
Q10009   –   Disposal of radioactive waste - vitrification
Mixed Waste
Q10400   –   When radioactive waste is mixed waste
Q10292   –   Decommissioning x-ray machines
Q11468   –   Reuse of equipment used for decommissioning a nuclear facility
Q8456   –   RG 1.86 limits
Q10203   –   Transportation of hazardous materials

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