Regulations, Policies, and Standards

Tis category covers  radiation regulations, policies, standards, and guidelines published by the U.S. NRC, U.S. EPA, NCRP, ICRP, and other national and international organizations.

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  HPS FAQ   Regulatory Dose Limits

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  •  ALARA
  •  Guidance Documents
  •  Regulations and Guidelines
  •  Radiation Safety Issues
  •  U.S. Regulations
  •  Security Requirements for Radioactive Sources
  •  Miscellaneous
Q8375   –   Establishment of ALARA
Q8603   –   ALARA Q&A in a cardiac catheterization laboratory
Guidance Documents
Q7289   –   Calibration laboratories
Regulations and Guidelines
Q8900   –   Technical basis for ICRP 1 mSv and 20 mSv dose limits
Q8933   –   Gy, Sv, and RadEq distinctions
Q8943   –   Differences in weighting factors
Q9532   –   Radioactive sources in oil rig industry
Q9694   –   Effects of low levels of radiation, the LNT model, and the HPS Position Statement
Q9893   –   Use of the radiation units
Q9895   –   Occupancy factors and public dose estimates
Q10019   –   Webster's weighting factor and use of dosimetry outside lead aprons
Q10039   –   Manufacturer questions regarding small medical source regulations and approvals for use
Q10542   –   Licensing and RSO training for PET/SPECT in animal research
Q11941   –   Application of ANSI/HPS N13.12 to release surveys
Q14692   –   Why are ICRP dose limits for workers and members of the public so different?
Radiation Safety Issues
Q8093   –   Radiation use on humans prohibited for training
Q8775   –   Holding animals during x-ray (veterinary) procedures
Q11644   –   Can a family member be in an interventional radiology suite?
U.S. Regulations
Q8268   –   Standard tissue depths for dose quantities
Q9547   –   Regulations for badging employees in a dental practice
Q11107   –   Transportation Index
Q11758   –   When should workers be given instructions regarding working in the vicinity of radiation sources?
Security Requirements for Radioactive Sources
Q7954   –   Q&As to fingerprinting and background checks for unescorted access to radioactive materials
Q10107   –   Technical basis for occupational limits
Q12438   –   DOT labeling for check source shipments
Q13702   –   Dose from personal medical procedures is not included in worker dose limits

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