Pregnancy and Radiation

This category covers  radiation exposure while pregnant or trying to conceive, effects of radiation on the embryo/fetus, radiation effects on children, flying while pregnant, etc.

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FAQs Developed by the HPS

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  HPS FAQ   Pregnancy and Flying
  HPS FAQ   Pregnancy and Radiation Exposure
  HPS FAQ   Pregnancy and Security Screening
  HPS FAQ   Solar Flares and Air Travel

Relevant HPS Web Pages

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Questions Answered by HPS Experts

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Questions in this Category Are in the Following Subcategories:
  •  Conception after exposures
  •  Exposures not directly to embryo/fetus
  •  Exposures to embryo/fetus
  •  Flying
  •  Power lines, magnets, computers, airport screening, cell phones, radar
  •  Proximity to radioactive persons
  •  Radiation workers/medical technicians
  •  Radiation effects to embryo/fetus
  •  Miscellaneous
Conception after exposures
Q4761   –   Held child during x rays
Q7790   –   Husband had CT
Q10503   –   Will preconception x-ray procedures make me infertile or cause birth defects?
Q10899   –   Lead apron at veterinary clinic
Q11766   –   C-arm exposure and sterility
Q11869   –   Can I get pregnant after many abdominal x rays?
Q11871   –   Would iodine-131 kill sperm?
Exposures not directly to embryo/fetus
Q1327   –   Chest x ray and pregnancy
Q1329   –   Dental x rays and pregnancy
Q5016   –   Trisomy 18
Q6119   –   Exposure from son's CT scan
Q7201   –   Held son during his x rays
Q8394   –   Mammogram and pregnancy
Q10300   –   Is a chest x ray during pregnancy dangerous?
Q11461   –   Brain CT scan while pregnant
Q12647   –   Can dental x rays harm my unborn child?
Q13192   –   Pregnancy and full body scan with radioiodine
Exposures to embryo/fetus
Q7250   –   Iodine-123 scan and pregnant
Q10764   –   Nd:YAG laser
Q11738   –   CT scan to lower abdomen
Q11872   –   Pregnant and may have exposed the baby
Q12526   –   Going through vehicle scanner when pregnant
Q12941   –   CT exam at 12 weeks pregnant
Q14012   –   American Association of Physicists in Medicine position on fetal shielding
Q5964   –   Pregnancy and flying
Q8772   –   Conceive after 40 hours of flying
Q9417   –   Full-body scanners
Q9686   –   Flying from the United Kingdom to Poland
Q11481   –   Flying globally and cross-country
Q11747   –   Ultraviolet exposure while flying
Q11887   –   Flying while pregnant: Effects on brain
Q12743   –   Many flights while pregnant
Power lines, magnets, computers, airport screening, cell phones, radar
Q1408   –   Using a computer while pregnant
Q4395   –   Laptop
Q4512   –   Rise in autism
Q6568   –   Pregnant and concerned about radiation exposure from computer
Q6609   –   Nonionizing radiation
Q11343   –   Human screening tools at airports
Q11408   –   Exposure to a radar gun
Q11725   –   Will working with an MRI affect pregnancy?
Q12180   –   Wearing Apple Watch during pregnancy
Q13321   –   Exposure to RF while pregnant
Proximity to radioactive persons
Q5607   –   Mother to receive radiation treatment
Q6116   –   Caretaker of radioactive patient
Q7194   –   Near patient who had bone scan
Q11187   –   Radiation exposure in waiting room and from family member
Q11274   –   Family member getting PET scan
Q11454   –   Pregnant and around person who had stress test
Q11523   –   Dose to physician's fetus from bone scan patient
Radiation workers/medical technicians
Q641   –   Should a pregnant radiographer stand out during fluoroscopy?
Q1149   –   Pregnant operating room nurse
Q1167   –   Vulnerability of embryo
Q2674   –   Cardiac lab
Q2736   –   Pregnant cardiologist
Q4115   –   Pregnant operating room staff
Q6118   –   Surgeon doing fluoroscopy and using technetium
Q7189   –   Thyroid scan
Q8789   –   Dentist holds film in patient's mouth
Q10924   –   Working floor above CT scanner
Q11436   –   Nurse holding babies while they get x rays
Q11446   –   Veterinary technician handling radioactive cats
Q11937   –   Work in hospital
Q12317   –   Radiation dose limits while pregnant
Q12560   –   Pregnant staff member at veterinary facility
Q12688   –   Using handheld dental x-ray unit
Q13237   –   Potential impact to offspring from historic exposure to Ra-226
Radiation effects to embryo/fetus
Q9691   –   Risks to my baby
Q11549   –   Risk to fetus from mother’s CT scan
Q11848   –   Radium spa and pregnant
Q13235   –   Risk to my baby from PET CT scan
Q7356   –   Pregnant and work with lasers in a medical skin clinic
Q7537   –   Dermatologist using laser
Q11157   –   Use of fluorescent microscopy
Q11765   –   Can UVC rays harm my baby?
Q12109   –   Iodine-131 body scan before getting pregnant
Q12110   –   Interrupt breast-feeding because of indium-111
Q12247   –   Does receiving radiation after pregnancy affect breast-feeding?
Q12524   –   Entering a room when pregnant after x ray taken
Q12605   –   Pelvis CT scan and trying to conceive
Q13003   –   Laser usage during pregnancy
Q13196   –   Effects of skin-tightening treatments on stomach

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