Consumer Products

This category covers smoke detectors, watches, clocks, glow in the dark items, ceramics, and other things that contain or may contain radioactivity that you might purchase.

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  HPS FAQ   Is Anything We Use in Everyday Life Radioactive?

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  •  Electronics
  •  Watches, Clocks, and other Glow-in-the-Dark
  •  Radioactive Ceramics and Glass
  •  Miscellaneous
Q7276   –   DVD player
Watches, Clocks, and other Glow-in-the-Dark
Q7667   –   Old watch parts
Q8650   –   Older watches
Q11008   –   Gas mantles
Q11947   –   Hyalite opal ring
Q11972   –   Vintage wristwatches
Q12289   –   No risk from promethium-147 on watch dial
Q12513   –   Radium-illuminated compass
Q12757   –   Glow-in-the-dark night sight with tritium
Radioactive Ceramics and Glass
Q3167   –   Eating off glazed pottery
Q5705   –   Vaseline glass
Q7440   –   Radioactivity and dose limits due to ceramic tiles
Q11320   –   Vaseline® glass contamination
Q12205   –   Radioactivity in decorative tiles
Q12886   –   Is radon present in Fiestaware?
Q7445   –   Concerns about americium-241 smoke detectors and their use
Q8036   –   Smoke detectors
Q8460   –   Effects of radiation on hearing aids
Q8486   –   Safety of cell phones
Q8521   –   Dose to lungs from cigarettes
Q8678   –   Smoke detector broke open
Q8971   –   RFID tags in clothing
Q9737   –   Safety of smoke detectors
Q11701   –   How safe is my smoke detector?
Q12321   –   Military clothes used in Afghanistan
Q12533   –   Safe distance for two-way satellite dish
Q13930   –   Can my smoke detector be leaking radiation?
Q15392   –   Do rocks or fossils emit alpha particles?

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