Security Screening

This category covers  airport screening, baggage screening, vehicle screening, and other types of security screening. Exposure to pets, luggage, and people where these types of systems are utilized are included.

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  HPS FAQ   Safety for Security Screening Using Devices That Expose Individuals to Ionizing Radiation
  HPS FAQ   Security Screening

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  PDF   Security Screening Systems Information Sheet
  PDF   Whole-Body Scanners

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Airport Screening
Q8440   –   Scanner backscatter
Q9421   –   Airport x-ray backscatter scanners
Q9823   –   Airport metal and x-ray detectors
Q10450   –   Work near baggage screener
Q10697   –   Radioactivity in liquids after scanning
Q10812   –   Medical device and security screening
Q11342   –   Effects on pregnancy from daily airport scanning
Q11881   –   Hands in the x-ray luggage scanner
Q12361   –   Dose to luggage
Q12724   –   Radiation exposure while pushing stuck bags through an airport carry-on baggage screener
Q9403   –   Airport screening and children
Q9469   –   Getting screened daily
Q9887   –   X-ray stickers on packages
Q10084   –   X-ray scanning systems for passenger vehicles
Q10216   –   X-ray screener at work
Q10886   –   Border vehicle screening
Q11239   –   Vehicle scanners
Q11371   –   How an external x-ray security device images the contents of a package or a vehicle
Q11397   –   Body cavity screening device
Q11502   –   Exposure from x-ray screening of file folders
Q11856   –   Passing through security screening devices multiple times per week
Q11997   –   Dose from frequent security screening