Lasers, Infrared, and Ultraviolet Radiation

This category covers  lasers, infrared radiation, and ultraviolet or UV radiation. This includes natural and man-made sources of these types of radiation and possible health effects from their use.

FAQs Developed by the HPS

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  HPS FAQ   Laser Safety
  HPS FAQ   Optical Fiber Communication Systems and Laser Safety
  HPS FAQ   Suntanning and Tanning Booths

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Questions in this Category Are in the Following Subcategories:
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Q11378   –   Use of infrared radiation by optometrists
Q12691   –   Do infrared space heaters pose any health risk?
Q9450   –   Effects of UVC on humans
Q11533   –   Impact of ozone depletion on public health
Q11543   –   Germicidal lamps
Q11622   –   UV exposure in laboratory hood
Q11826   –   UV-C skin exposure in biosafety cabinet
Q11911   –   Effects of UVC on water
Q11934   –   Can cataracts be produced by UV light used to disinfect hospital rooms?
Q12035   –   Skin changes after UV-C exposure
Q12082   –   Does solar UV penetrate window glass?
Q12151   –   Solar UV-C light and vitamin D production
Q12178   –   UV-C penetration through acrylic plastic
Q12298   –   Vacuum ultraviolet light
Q12866   –   Use of bug zappers during pregnancy
Q12957   –   Ultraviolet light usage in home ventilation systems and possible odors

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