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HPS and the AAHP
Q8617   –   International organizations that offer certifications in health physics
Q11697   –   HPS dues used for lobbying
Q13071   –   Continuing Education Credits
Historical Issues
Q7134   –   Madame Curie
Q8103   –   Radiation safety posters
Q11900   –   License options after radiation safety training
Q2121   –   Dose Rate Effects
Q7517   –   Janitor working in labs with radioactive materials
Q8522   –   Monitoring sulphur-35
Q8534   –   Limitations of Varskin 3
Q9039   –   Applying risk coefficients from Japanese bomb survivors to medical
Q9122   –   Long-term effects of bombing of Hiroshima
Q9593   –   Fallout from Trinity site
Q10031   –   Safe dose
Q10451   –   Bystander effect of radiation worker
Q10496   –   Exposing minors
Q11448   –   Is there radioactive fallout from subcritical nuclear tests?
Q12010   –   ANSI/HPS N13.12-2013 applicability to workers
Q12156   –   Exposure and effects: World War II atomic veteran
Q12223   –   Glioblastoma not compensated due to short latent period