This category covers  all types of accelerators, accelerator-produced radiation fields, accelerator radiation shielding, accelerator radiation detection instrumentation, accelerator radiation safety syetem interlocks  accelerator material radiation damage and accelerator-induced radiation. Anything accelerator related can be found here!

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Radiation fields
Q4511   –   Linac survey
Q9892   –   Increasing radiation from an Am-241 source
Radiation shielding
Q8043   –   Which form of iron provides better uniformity of mix for concrete?
Q11104   –   Radiation leakage calculations
Q12516   –   Paraffin for thermal neutron shielding
Induced radioactivity
Q7427   –   Concrete activation from Linac operation
Q10174   –   Unstable readings
Q8626   –   Guidance for interlocks for table-top x-ray generating devices
Q9368   –   Controls for a DT neutron generator
Q9383   –   Production of titanium-44